If you are looking for a long lasting investment that will make your home look amazing, you should consider the beauty of Paver Stones. Paver Stones are the ultimate driveway, patio and walkway material. They last incredibly long, typically generations, and are capable of creating stunning designs to match or even create the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Paver Installations in New Jersey should be performed by professionals. Bentley Paving and Masonry does not sub-contract our paver installations, or any other work we receive. Paver installations are more complex than typical asphalt driveways. There are additional steps to preparing your property to achieve a successful paver installation. When prepared and installed properly, your paver drive, walkway or patio will look completely consistent in color, design as well as being perfectly level. When installed by Bentley Paving and Masonry, paver solutions are a “do it once, and do it right” kind of job.

Please view our work gallery and if you have any questions, we’d be more than happy to discuss a potential project with you. We are an owner operated company which means we aim for 100% satisfaction each and every time! Our business depends upon our great reputation as an expert paver installation company in New Jersey.