The best commercial asphalt parking lot paving in New Jersey

The exemplary reputation and highly professional work ethics of Bentley Paving & Masonry are well reflected in the quality of our works. Our projects are executed with our customers as the top priority, during and after project completion. Thus, our services don’t stop providing superior commercial asphalt parking lot installations and resurfacing in New Jersey. Rather, it also extends to include routine asphalt maintenance services that assure continued structural integrity and extended durability. Some of our preventive asphalt maintenance services include;

  • Patching
  • Asphalt crack filling and sealing
  • Asphalt sealcoating
  • Winter services
  • Asphalt surface treatment

  • Repair of old or poorly constructed asphalt parking lots
  • Removal of old asphalt pavements
  • Asphalt striping
  • Asphalt parking lot repaving
  • Asphalt milling
  • Excavation
  • Catch basin and drainage installation

With decades of impressive track record in the industry, Bentley Paving & Masonry have paved, resurfaced, and maintained asphalt parking lots for companies, governmental organizations, churches, apartment complexes, hospitals, private roads, institutions, etc. The services we provide also extend to include;

As well, we offer replacement of commercial asphalt parking lots in New Jersey. It does not matter how small or big the project might be; we always put in the same level of dedication in the procurement of high-quality materials and project delivery through excellent workmanship.


Great value for investment

Our clients come with expectations, and we always deliver to and beyond those expectations. A few factors play into the assurance of quality commercial paving, and we always consider these factors and follow the proper guidelines to the letter, for exceptional delivery.

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If you are looking to have the best commercial asphalt parking lot in New Jersey, Bentley Paving & Masonry, the best asphalt parking lot contractors in New Jersey, is your best bet. We place our customers as number one in all considerations. Our eco-friendly asphalt solutions, transparency, use of top grade materials, high-quality delivery, subsequent maintenance provisions, and cost efficiency places us right at the top of the industry.

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