Best asphalt repairs in New Jersey

Despite the high durability of constructions made using asphalt, it is not unusual to notice some form of wear as the years pass. Some cracks here, a small pothole there, maybe some dips, even. These occasional wear could be due to irregularly fluctuating contraction and expansion during exposure to highly varying weather conditions over time or due to some other unforeseen causes.

Whichever it may be, it will always be in your best interest and that of your customers or other users, to schedule for a repair immediately. To get the most out of your asphalt road, parking lot, or driveway, you should always opt for the best asphalt repair contractors in New Jersey. There are lots of reasons to call for repair as soon as possible. And for the sake of insights, some of them will be listed out below:

Accident prevention – while various types of damages on asphalt bear the probability of causing accidents or damages to cars, the bigger culprit remains the potholes. More often than not, drivers tend to swerve around potholes, and it is easy to see how this action can lead to an accident. Tires could lose their stability, the driver could lose control, and the results might not be pleasant. By fixing the alligator cracks, dents, dips, potholes, or regular cracks on asphalt, drivers become less prone to accidents and can focus more on their driving. Thus, creating a better user experience for all.

Stabilization – it might be necessary to refer to the popular phrase, “A stitch in time saves nine.” Repairing damages on asphalt as soon as they are noticed will always go a long way towards further assuring the stability of the road, parking lot, or driveway in question. One unfixed fault could give room to more faults. For example, one crack can give room to more cracks. Quick asphalt patches, stabilizes the roadway, and prevents recurrence of damages.


High-quality asphalt repairs in New Jersey

At Bentley Paving and Masonry, we take pride in the meticulousness of our processes and the excellence of our results. Our team of well-trained, insured, and licensed contractors are always available to carry out all necessary assessments and use the best method possible to make any major or minor fix on your roadway.

  • Processes involved in asphalt repair would normally include
  • Valuation of the asphalt foundation and damage
  • Squaring the damaged area and fixing the asphalt foundation
  • Hot asphalt patching
  • Roadway stabilization
  • Seal coating to restore fading asphalt color and improve driveway elasticity
  • Line painting, if required

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