Basement waterproofing walkways in New Jersey

There are a whole lot of reasons to waterproof your basement. Negligence to this aspect of your property can incur costs in the form of structural damages, cracks in the foundation, and property devaluation. It also makes filing insurance claims almost an impossible task.

Basements are meant to be waterproofed during the initial construction of the property, by adding drainage features and waterproofing the walls. Nevertheless, these considerations are sometimes not properly addressed at the onset of construction. Hence, the basement might become damp or moist over time, thus becoming a structural liability to the entire property.

Fixing a drainage system or basement waterproofing to a pre-existing basement in a home can be very expensive and time-consuming, as it would require lots of excavation, adjustments, and repairs.

It is often better to opt for external proofing and consider waterproofing measures such as strategic walkways around the house. These are applicable because run-offs often cause damp basements from poorly installed patios or walkways around the house.

At Bentley Paving & Masonry, we boast of a team of expert paver walkway contractors in New Jersey who are highly experienced in the installation, repair, and modification of concrete or brick paver walkways as a solution to wet basement problems. Our strategically installed walkways are guaranteed to redirect water from your basement and the edges of your house.


Walkway installations for basement waterproofing in New Jersey

Walkways or sidewalks intended to serve as basement waterproofing solutions are not simply walkways – they are a lot more. If a mere sidewalk is to be installed around the foundation of your property to stop water seepage, its solution will only be temporary. This is because rainwater that falls outside the sidewalk can still seep into the soil, saturate it, and permeate the backfill under the walkway. Over time, the basement gets damp again.

As the leading walkway contractors in New Jersey, Bentley Paving & Masonry is a lot more tactical in installing walkways as a basement waterproofing solution. The walkways are sturdily built to prevent shifting or cracks that may allow water to the footing. They are also constructed with an innovative underground drainage system, which collects and redirects water that seeps into the ground to a designated outlet. To top it all off, the edges of the walkway are sealed with high-quality sealants, preventing water seepage around the house.


Walkway repairs in New Jersey

If you have a poorly constructed walkway, one which may be contributing to your basement’s dampness, trust Bentley Paving & Masonry to get the job done for you satisfactorily. Our highly professional crew can get your concrete walkways mud-jacked, and your paver walkways disassembled and reassembled on a proper slope, after base re-grading. They are then sealed and further enhanced with a small dam or curb if deemed necessary.

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