Stylish and functional masonry walling services in NJ

When you think of a masonry wall, what comes to mind? Intricate finishes? Functionality? Durability? Whatever quality you can think of, when you imagine what you want your masonry wall to look like, Bentley Paving & Masonry will deliver all and even more to the best of your expectations. As a leading masonry walling company in New Jersey, we bring the best of industry expertise and standards into any masonry walling project we handle.

Share your masonry walling ideas with us, and you can rest assured, knowing that we will bring every bit of it to reality, with utmost perfection.  Our seasoned masonry professionals and catalog are available to offer you a professional guide if you are uncertain of how to go about a walling project; the designs and style to apply, the materials to use, or the structure it can adopt

Professional masonry walling, New Jersey

As your New Jersey masonry contractor, we offer a diverse range of masonry services, with a promise of outstanding workmanship and delivery in each. The masonry walling services we offer include, but is not limited to:

  • Installation of interior or exterior decorative walling
  • Masonry walling for outdoor and indoor kitchen areas
  • Installation or replacement of retaining walls
  • Masonry fireplace
  • Retaining walls for gardens
  • Masonry walls repairs
  • Stucco style walling
  • Barbecue pits
  • Masonry steps
  • Installation or replacement of stoops
  • Installation or replacement of masonry fences
  • Decorative walling for gardens, patios, etc.

As an owner-operated New Jersey masonry company with decades of generational experience, we are familiar with the technicalities of installing masonry walls in New Jersey. We understand the freeze and thaw cycles of various cities in the state and how each season’s accompanying events can affect a masonry structure.

Hence, our projects are executed with functionality, stylishness, and durability in mind. We then take things a step further by incorporating preventive features in all our projects, thus providing a more customized masonry walling that can withstand the destructive effects of New Jersey weather and other varying factors.

With each project, we conduct a preliminary assessment of the intended work area to identify and determine all necessary factors that might play a role in the project’s structural integrity and plan how to address them. This enables us to ascertain that our projects are completed to perfection.


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Our team comprises licensed and insured masonry experts, trained to work within applicable industry guidelines and standards. Our projects are completed using the best of masonry equipment and tools, as well as high-quality materials sourced directly from the best suppliers. All these make sure we get to finish projects on time and offer competitive prices without cutting corners. Our masonry wall specialists are proficient in using slate, granite, Belgium granite, stucco, bricks, blocks, etc., to achieve all your masonry walling needs.

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