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Your walkway can just be a walkway, or it can be a lot more. Whether you like it very simple or prefer it with some intricate designs, Bentley Paving & Masonry is here to deliver. We provide the best masonry walkway installations in New Jersey, and our exceptionality as masonry walkway experts is well-reflected in all our projects.

Our clients are our top priority. With that in mind, we aim to complete our client’s projects in due time and with maximum perfection that beats expectations. The processes we incorporate in installing our masonry walkways are streamlined to adapt to the unique needs of each property we work on.

Our walkway projects don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach; rather, each is addressed to suit specific needs. Hence, we can install your walkway to also serve as a drainage feature that channels water away from your property’s foundation. Or provide you with a walkway that immensely accentuates the appeal of your patio, garden, the rear or front of your property.

In more ways than you can imagine, we can install a walkway that adds a great deal of structural, economic, and aesthetic value to your property, while also providing a guarantee on the durability of your masonry walkway.


Professional masonry walkways and steps installation and repairs, NJ

To get the best of New Jersey masonry walkways, you have to work with the leading masonry walkway contractors in New Jersey. Our services are not limited to masonry walkways and masonry steps installations, but also extends to include walkway repairs and replacement. Hence, if you also need to fix some minor repairs, major repairs, or to replace an old walkway and steps, we are your best shot at getting a long-lasting satisfaction when the project has been completed.

Our highly-skilled, licensed, and insured experts will get the projected completed on time, and with greatly impressive craftsmanship. We only commence on a project after conducting a thorough preliminary assessment of the project area to ensure that all key factors are considered and addressed. And that the walkway doesn’t become a subject to deterioration due to weather or other surrounding factors.

Furthermore, we own and use the best industry-standard equipment and tools, as well as have direct sources for excellent materials for all our masonry projects. Invariably, this means that we are able to complete all our projects on time and at very affordable prices. A benefit that we accord all our clients, irrespective of their project size – whether on a residential or commercial property.


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We are where masonry meets creativity and durability. Whatever design or pattern you want your masonry walkway and steps to assume, we will have it done for you. As an owner-operated masonry company with generational experience, and a remarkable industry reputation to uphold, we put in our best in every project we undertake.

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