Best asphalt repairs in New Jersey

Are you looking to enhance your property by resealing a blacktop parking lot, or installing a new blacktop driveway? Bentley Paving & Masonry is your best shot at getting the best blacktop driveways in New Jersey. Our team of highly trained professionals collectively possess decades of experience in New Jersey blacktop driveway installation. Be it a residential or commercial project, a single lane driveway, or parking lot paving for big businesses and institutions, we have handled it all, and you can trust us to handle yours, too.


Why go for a blacktop driveway in New Jersey?

First off, you should understand that a blacktop driveway refers to a form of asphalt overlay on a pre-existing driveway. Given the intense freeze and thaw cycles of New Jersey, which consequently subjects driveways to cracks and the likes, the durability of a blacktop overlay makes an excellent choice for driveways.

Compared to the quantity of bitumen used in regular asphalt, a blacktop overlay contains a higher percentage of finely crushed stones. Furthermore, they are heated to a very high temperature while being mixed. These processes allow for blacktop surfaces to be more flexible and able to fare better under varying limits of weather conditions and pressure.


The benefits of blacktop sealcoating in Orlando

For starters, owing to its jet black finish, a blacktop driveway impresses an aesthetic appeal on properties. Also, blacktop surfaces are well-pressed and evenly smooth, allowing for uniform stability and impressive user experience, as well as assuring that the driveway stands the test of time.

Additionally, they are very easy to maintain. In a situation where they give in to harsh weather conditions, the cost of repairs is always on the lower side than that of other alternatives.


Go with professional blacktop driveway contractors

Bentley Paving & Masonry offers timely and affordable blacktop driveway installation in New Jersey. This is further boosted by seasonal maintenance services, which are also available to all our customers at a fair price. Our commitment to excellent service delivery is second to none, and our well-calculated processes speak volumes in the quality of our delivery.

To ensure a high-quality blacktop driveway, our blacktop installation specialists adopt the following steps:

  • Assessment of the pre-existing surface, to determine the need for other fixtures before applying blacktop coating
  • Blow cleaning of the pre-existing driveway surface
  • Removal and replacement of existing edges with blacktop, to ensure an even taper, smoothness and reinforced stability of entire driveway area
  • Crack filling with blacktop asphalt
  • Application of sealants
  • Oil-based sealcoating, for a durable, jet-black finish
  • Clean up, following the completion of the project

All these – and a lot more in-between – are done in accordance with high industry standards and spectacular professionalism without compromising the agreed turnaround time. We understand and value our clients’ desires to get the best New Jersey blacktop driveway, and as always, we deliver to their satisfaction.

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