Interlock driveway installations in New Jersey

Bentley Paving & Masonry provides high-quality and affordable interlock driveway installations in New Jersey. As always, we pay a great deal of attention to the planning of the project, as much as we do with the process itself. By contracting your project to us, you can be sure of having the best interlock driveway contractors in New Jersey working on your yard.

Besides being affordable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain, interlock paver driveways are also a great choice for proper drainage around your property. If installed by certified experts, interlocking pavers can also increase the aesthetic and structural value of your home, effortlessly. We provide our customers with various design options to choose from. Irrespective of the design chosen, the crew at Bentley Paving & Masonry always works with outstanding professionalism, in line with all relevant industry standards.


Interlock driveways in New Jersey

Interlock concrete paver driveways are a good choice for residential and commercial properties in New Jersey. For residential properties requiring less load and traffic requirements, we use 6 cm thick pavers, while we use 8 cm thick pavers for commercial properties that accommodate heavy loads and traffic.

Our interlocking pavers are produced with durability in mind. They possess compressive strength of about 8,000 pounds per square inch, which is about two times more compressive strength than regular preset or poured concrete driveways.

After planning, we get to work right away and remain consistent all through to avoid downtimes. Focus is placed on the first processes, which are excavation and sloping. These two determine how level the surface would be, as well as the flow of water around your property. In improper installation settings, the base is sloped by reducing its thickness; this action reduces driveway durability and limits drainage efficiency.

Bentley Paving & Masonry interlock driveway installers create slopes away from buildings, by grading the subgrade soil, thus guaranteeing proper drainage. This is followed by base installation using high-quality materials, with base compaction set at 98 percent standard Proctor density. For commercial properties, we opt for 98 percent modified Proctor density.

Following the application of bed restraints and bedding sand, we proceed to the paver installation. Regardless of the laying patterns, you can always trust us to complete the task with excellent workmanship. If you are uncertain about what color, pattern, or design to go for, we can help you with some professional suggestions after assessing your property.

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Having us as your New Jersey interlock driveway contractors doesn’t just provide you with the best interlock paver driveway in NJ. Your interlock driveway also comes with lots of intricate benefits, such as:

  • Sustainable drainage
  • High structural integrity
  • Very easy, low-cost maintenance and repairs (if needed)
  • Appealing designs, patterns, and layouts
  • Resistant to the effects of freeze-thaw cycles
  • Zero to minimal winter maintenance services
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • High durability, with lifespan up to 25 years
  • No expansion joints

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