The best New Jersey interlock paver styles

You have decided that you want to step up your property’s aesthetic and structural values with an interlock paver driveway, patio, or walkway. Now, the question is, “Which interlock paver style do I go for?” You have probably contemplated on a few styles, and you are not entirely convinced that they are what you are looking for, nor do they match your taste.

Bentley Paving & Masonry understands your dilemma. Having been in the business for decades, we have gotten to know how perplexing it could be for customers to choose an interlock paver style for their homes or commercial properties. Hence, our team of interlock paver installers in New Jersey comprises professional exterior designers with years of experience in customized interlock landscaping.

We can help you with beneficial pointers for your interlock paver styles, which are guaranteed to transform your property’s outlook and make it truly exceptional. Our experts can make choosing easy for you, while also assuring an outstanding interlock pavers installation.


Considerations when choosing interlock paver styles in New Jersey

To ease your decision making, there are few things to bear in mind when selecting the paver style that would adorn your home. Customers often insist on a paver style, only to find out that for some reason, their preferred choice won’t be the best option for their property. Some of the considerations to bear in mind will be briefly discussed below.


1. Costs

This is a factor that is not often considered. If you are going for intricately designed paver styles, you should know that the purchase and installation of the pavers could come at a higher cost than regular styles. Sometimes, the cost difference can be quite significant. Laying patterns can also contribute to the incurrence of higher costs. Layouts with lots of curves tend to require more technical input as well as wastage of pavers.


2. Simple or Grand?

Depending on your inclinations, you might find yourself somewhat leaning towards a desire to get some exquisite paver styles for your patio or driveway. But truly, simple styles are often the best option, especially if you don’t have a lot of space to spare.


3. Color

Color plays a massive role in the outcome of your interlocked patio, driveway, or walkway. The influence of color is not limited to the appeal it bestows on your home or commercial property. Interlock paver colors also determine other aspects of outlook after installation. It could visually contract or expand the space, as well as affect light impression on the area.

4. Laying patterns

What look are you going for? Contemporary, modern, or traditional? Various patterns can be applied to achieve these looks. Some of the common interlock patterns include:

  • Herringbone
  • Mixed
  • Stretcher
  • Basket weave
  • Boxed basket weave
  • Circular patterns

Speak to a professional

Indeed, trying to take all these considerations into account can be mentally stressful. Hence, it is always best to discuss interlock paver style options with a professional. In doing so, you don't miss out on any detail, such as the need for a retaining wall, the choice of pavers for it, or other technical factors.
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