The best concrete driveway contractors in NJ

Do you need a new driveway? Or is your current driveway no longer in the best of conditions? You have reached the best concrete driveway contractor that provides high-quality services at an affordable price. Bentley Paving & Masonry is a licensed, family-owned concrete driveway company in New Jersey, with years of generational experience in the industry.

As your concrete driveway contractor, you are not just getting a simple concrete driveway. You are getting a driveway constructed to meet the highest industry standards, surpassing your expectations in both user-experience and finishing. The added values go beyond smooth and even surface, to envelop impressive durability that effortlessly withstands heavy usage and the impacts of irregular fluctuations of New Jersey weather.


Concrete driveway services in New Jersey

We boast of a team of highly innovative, licensed professionals that are specialized in concrete driveway installations, repairs, and replacement in New Jersey. Whichever project you bring our way will be handled with the utmost professionalism, while abiding by all relevant industry standards. Be it a small project such as repairing cracks on your concrete driveway, or a big one such as removing an old driveway and replacing it with an entirely new one.

Our services are open to both residential and commercial properties. By choosing to work with us as your New Jersey concrete driveway company, you will be getting two guarantees from us:

  • You will be getting a guarantee on the quality and durability of your driveway. Our concrete mix durability for both concrete and stamped concrete driveways falls within 4000 psi to 6500 psi, depending on the driveway’s specifications and intended load-bearing capacity.
  • You can rest assured knowing that your driveway meets all the relevant New Jersey regulations and safety guidelines and falls within the instituted DOT permits for residential and public passageways.

Concrete driveway installation in New Jersey

As much as we believe in results, we also believe in how the results were achieved. Hence, we pay a great deal of attention to the processes involved in installing our high quality stamped concrete driveways in New Jersey. We maintain transparency and accountability while working with our clients. More so, we answer all questions and provide any information requested by our client in the course of a project.

The basic processes involved in the installation of your New Jersey concrete driveway includes, but may not be limited to:

  • Compaction of the sub-grade (the natural soil) to form a level foundation with uniform density
  • The laying of the sub-base to provide additional support for the sub-grade
  • Installation of steel mesh, in the case of reinforced concrete driveways
  • The laying of the mixed concrete within 4.5″ high compartments that have been framed to meet project specifications and industry standards
  • Appropriate installation of expansion joints to curb the probable emergence of cracks in the future
  • Surface leveling and finishing

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You can only get the best of New Jersey concrete driveways when you work with genuine industry experts. Contact us today to get a free quote and consultation from a seasoned professional. With us as your New Jersey concrete driveway contractor, perfection is guaranteed.