New Jersey Sealcoating Company

Have a problem with the durability of your asphalt work? Is it getting destroyed by UV rays or winter cracking? Is the traffic adversely affecting it? Why not call for the New Jersey sealcoating services of Bentley Paving and Masonry. The company will provide you with all the necessary stages of sealcoating work. Located out of Somerset New Jersey, Bentley Paving and Masonry is a reliable company that can comfortably be trusted with all your sealcoating needs. The sealcoating services of the company will provide protection to your asphalt work and ensure that it is both durable and serves the intended purpose seamlessly.

Basically, there are three major examples of sealcoating types. Coal-tar, asphalt emulsions and finally, acrylics. All the three types have their unique advantages. The choice to be applied is often picked by the contractor based on their preferences; however, the property owner can demand that a particular type be used.

Being that the acrylic sealers are produced in a variety of colors, it is the perfect option for sealcoating where beautification is needed. It is a great option for driveway sealcoating work. It can also be used in tennis grounds, golf paths and even in bicycle driveways in parks. The use of coal-tar has been banned in certain states of North America but other states allow its use. This is because some studies have shown that the substances have adverse medical consequences on humans. There are also claims that it poses danger to aquatic life.

Benefits of quality New Jersey sealcoating workmanship

Quite a number of factors have to be considered before choosing the type of sealcoat that is to be applied. Temperatures for instance, some sealcoats cannot stand extremely low temperatures while others can easily do it. To be sure on the best choices, you need quality sealcoating workmanship.

  1. With quality sealcoating workmanship, the beautification process can easily be made a success. This will improve the esthetic value of the property.
  2. Longevity is a guarantee with quality sealcoating workmanship. This will reduce the repair and maintenance expenditures.
  3. An expert in the field will also know the right type of sealcoat to use for your work. This is beneficial as the work turns out strong and rather efficient.
  4. Quality asphalt workmanship is also beneficial when it comes to the modes of application. The mode of application is very important in determining the success of the work.
  5. Quality workmen will also advice on the right time to take before commencing the use on the surface. In certain cases, 3 days of curing is needed before commencing usage.

Bentley Paving and Masonry is a New Jersey sealcoating company with a team of honest and hardworking contractors who work tirelessly to ensure that all your sealcoating needs are satisfied. When your sealcoating work is done by contractors from Bentley Paving and Masonry, you can be assured of both durability and efficiency. The company also offers affordable services. This ensures that your work is done without leaving a dent on your wallet. The company also done a clean job and will definitely improve the visual appeal of the structure worked on.


New Jersey Sealcoating Company
New Jersey Sealcoating Company